You’re good shit Alan

21 01 2014

My Final Days At This School

27 11 2013

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It’s been a year and three months now living in china. My contract is up and it’s time to move to a new school. The move will be a bit of a bitch because its so dang cold. A mix of photos from the last two months. My favorite and youngest class, I will miss you most of all.

Tina,Grace,Jon,Mark,Lisa,Rosa,Lily Great kids!

Good Hearts & Booze

15 10 2013

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I Am The One Who Knocks! – Heisenberg

15 10 2013

Osinchina Breaking Bad 

I never really go all-out for Halloween thought I’d do it up this year. A tribute to my favorite…and best television series of all time. Made the methamphetamine candy myself with the help of a friend in a bar.

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Drunk Nights

23 07 2013

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Drank way too much, ended up in the middle of nowhere by the end of the night.

Long time no post

3 07 2013

Long time no post

Miss you, and happy Fourth of July everybody.


27 08 2011

This kid looked like a little tough guy, the mom wanted to invite me to dinner just for giving her a copy of the photo. Chicken Wings THE BEST!Playing some pool. Friends and family. Three person bike. Ass wiggle bike machine; its all in the hips. The skate crew. Roommates.


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